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Put the DRH in the heart of

digital transformation

DRH Acceleration

If you want to make transformation a force to deploy the strategic plan of your company, we support you both conceptually and operationally on all the innovative levers in HR and the organization.

The stakes of our interventions relate to:

The initiation of strategic HR choices
ROI optimization of HR projects
The choice of relevant tools or technologies
The efficient project management of HR transformation projects

The expert consultants of the HR FiabLab France entity support the Group's French clients through a methodology that enables them to measure, anticipate each stage of HR transformation and the necessary changes or training of their teams. 


Understand and improve!

An ecosystem conducive to discovering and understanding the possibilities offered by technologies The discovery of different work organization models and HR management, to best integrate the expectations of everyone (DHR, DG, Managers, Employees, IRP, etc...) Peer to peer work.


Develop and strengthen HR leadership

Through personalized support for: The development of a new HR management model and how to implement HR services. The creation of an environment conducive to the implementation of these methods of operation.


Move from HR strategy to everyday tactics

Working on realistic and operational project management by mobilizing teams, working on evaluation and HR transformation ROI.

Support by HR FiabLab teams 

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Defining a qualified objective with full HRD responsibility

During exchanges in the form of focused discussions, our expert consultants work to identify expectations and qualify customer needs to formalize the mission's operational objectives.


Estimated ROI of the project

An audit stage allows our expert consultants to determine the maturity of the company and the HR teams compared to the targeted objectives. In light of this analysis, they establish the Mission's roadmap proposal thereby estimating the overall cost of deploying the project both as external and internal resources.
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Delegated project management

HR FiabLab France expert consultants assist the client with the deployment of the mission and the implementation of the project's major points.
Thanks to the FiabLab Europe program's command of the ecosystem of start-ups in HR innovation, and their experience in complex HR projects, our expert consultants led by François Geuze, Director of HR FiabLab France's Scientific Council, facilitate the use of efficient and relevant solutions to carry out the project and control the cost.
Our experts contribute operationally to
  • ensure the feasibility of operations  
  • find solutions to the project’s hidden restraints 
  • respect the projected financial envelope 
  • optimize the implementation phases