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Supporting HR start-ups in their European development

Start-ups Acceleration 

HR Fiablab Europe is a dynamic program that provides guidance, resources and frees start-ups from the linguistic, administrative and behavioural restraints of each major European market.
The duration of our support varies depending on the development project's needs.

Develop start-ups within European markets by integrating the "Fiabilis market place"

The HR FiabLab Europe start-up acceleration program goal:

For start-ups, it means being able to open up to European markets with all the support of local resources and mastering the country's HR environment. This way, they benefit from a favourable environment and operational access to European companies in the various identified target sectors, focusing their resources entirely on the "Service Delivery Level".

For the Fiabilis Consulting Group partners, it's providing specific and operational answers to the issues/ needs that our large customers share with us.

If we take on a start-up within the program, it's that we have identified requirements of large client accounts and we consider the company resilient enough to take on the promise of value during deployment.

For start-ups able to support the requirements of a high SDL, Fiabilis Consulting Group development teams will be made available to achieve the objectives mutually defined between the start-ups' leaders and the FiabLab Europe HR Development Committee Program.  
As a result, the group will be able to open key European markets inexpensively to partner start-ups so that the Europeanisation of their structure can be done faster, relying on real business flow, identified or even already defined.

Elaborate offers together for European companies

We work alongside our customers in Europe on the cost of labour and the optimization of each euro invested in HR.
Among our main themes  :
  • Workforce planning
  • Professional risk
  • Payroll refining
  • Datas issues des SIRH
  • Increased impact of Compensation & Benefits
  • Operational mediation improvement with social security organizations

The objectives of HR FiabLab Europe in terms of co-construction of the offer are 
  • Completing the scope of intervention of Fiabilis Consulting Group with key accounts,
  • Improving the ROI of existing interventions,
  • Enhancing the services and tools offered by start-ups with our knowledge of the peripheral market requirements of the group's core business,
  • Optimizing the compensation method of start-ups by integrating more customer profit into the value of the offer.

The Resources

The HR FiabLab Europe program provides all the operational resources of the various European entities of the group based in France, Spain, Italy, Belgium, the Netherlands, Germany and Poland to help start-ups reach their set goal once integrated into the program.
In addition, the different board members can also support start-ups with the search for public funding (France + Europe) in an integrated way along with the selection of strategic investors (industrial or financial partners, expert in the field) as well as support to innovation management. A call for candidates is carries out every year to select eligible start-ups for one of the two themes of the HR FiabLab Europe program.

Join us as a start-up

Are you a project promoter or start-up specialized in the field of HR innovation?
Do you want to launch an innovative service / tool, in line with the digitization of HR function?
Develop an existing project at national or even European level? Join HR FIABLab Europe, a collective, dynamic and collaborative intelligence laboratory, led by a group of experts, who put all their skills at the service of the success of supervised projects. To join us, send a summary presentation of your project by email to contact@fiablab… or contact us below